Commission Your Own Personal Artwork

Step 1: 

Contact Me

I am very easy going, and my only goal is for you to be satisfied and happy with your piece. We will discuss what you are looking for, size, price, and time frame. No one piece is the same so there is no standard. 

Step 2: 

The Process Begins...

Depending on my schedule and the number of orders, I will begin your piece and notify you of same. You may feel free to inquire about same at any point and add any "reasonable" revisions to the piece. 

Step 3: 

Final Inspection 

Your satisfaction and happiness is my only goal. Therefore, if the piece is not up to my standard, or the piece does not match your request, then you are not responsible for same. "Reasonble" revisions can also be done prior to shipping. 

Step 4: 

Payment and Shipping 

If you are happy with the final inspection and no changes needed, I will accept payment and ship the work to you. 

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Langdon Time