Hi. I am Corey Taylor - Healthcare Professional and Painter


By day I am a paramedic that has been in the field of emergency medicine for the past 14 years, and until recently, I was in search of an avenue to deal with the stress of long hours, increasing call volumes, and death. It was not until the COVID pandemic that I found a passion that I truly feel is natural. Something that I can share with others and that may even bring happiness to others in need.


I have always been a so called "left brain" individual with an imagination that runs wild. I feel that I am truly blessed to be in the medical field and felt like it was meant for me since childhood. If I have the ability to make someone's darkest hour a little brighter, than I have done my job. I love to help others. I also feel that art has been natural for myself. I am self taught and enjoy every project that I attempt.